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Our healthcare, grocery, and retail workers are on the frontlines of the unprecedented Coronavirus crisis. Employers are looking to fill positions immediately -- Apply to a union job today and help keep our communities safe. 


How We Make Work Safe

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Paid Sick Leave

Larger paid sick leave bank than the state requirements.

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Safety language in the contract that guarantees you a say in safety and health issues in your workplace.

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High-quality healthcare for you and your family—with low premiums and eligibility at only 60 hours a month.

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Guaranteed raises based on hours worked with a competitive top wage.

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Pension benefits and employer-paid retirement program.

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Paid holidays, vacation, and holiday premium pay if you're scheduled to work.

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Union Voice

A union process that gives you a democratic voice on the job.

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Self-selecting schedules where you can pick your own hours in most departments.

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Free College

Free college for all members of UFCW and their families.

All Protected by your Union Contract!